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Aggravated Relational Aggression Using Police Perpetrated Violence

Prison Prep 101

Prison Prep 101

Sunday, April 06, 2014

How Discrimination Is Used To Indoctrinate Family Against Family, Friends Against Friends

Using the following Holocaust survivor's testimony, what best describes the personality characteristics of others in your bad experiences with them?

This Holocaust Survivor, Esther Gever said that when you've been brought up with certain moral values, and had a good life, pending fear becomes unfamiliar and very difficult to adjust to. I have to agree to this one.

Her experiences with government authorities purposely made her feel uncomfortable. I have to agree with this one too. They banged on the door instead of a civilized knock on the door. If you have ever been homeless living in your vehicle, police love to bang on the windows to frighten you.

[Authorities terrorize and disenfranchise their own citizens and then exile them to another town]. This statement would be considered crazy unless you have experienced it yourself. Our survival mechanisms don't want to believe unfathomed horrors that can happen to ourselves.

How many people have fallen for one reason or another and you are treated like you are nonexistent or a joke?  And, you don't get any sympathy from any of your friends or others in the community who you grew up with and played with as children?  Some people have that personality that even when you have done something correct, they try to confuse you that; you did it wrong. 

Have you ever tried to warn or explain to someone that something you experienced happened but they say you are "crazy". This tactic is very useful when the authorities try to indoctrinate one neighbor against the other.  Indoctrination is a classic characteristic most familiar. Your friends turn against you when the government indoctrinate's its own citizens.

After they are all done pilfering everything own, do you stick out like a sore thumb and start to look demented so they can tout you and call you "crazy"?

Being forced "into the woods" is like being released from jail and having to walk miles down a dangerous highway all alone at midnight.  How many of you have been chased out of town so you have to leave your property behind and the community pilfers it?

Has anyone ever been guarded by hooligans with their laughing and playing pranks-shoveling snow in the driveway to make it a physical hardships,etc?

For instance, there was a Home Show in Klamath Falls, you want to go and dream that maybe someday you will get to own your own home, but they all laugh at you because they know, that will never be possible. You are considered "delusional".

Finally, when you are half dead and cannot be the person you wanted to be, you resolve to marry someone who will support you because the government will no longer allow you to do anything?

In Mrs. Gever's case, she had a German soldier who saved her families life, in my case, my horses saved mine. People like the animals may be willing to save yours.

Have you ever ran to safety Like Mrs. Gever when she ran to the Russian boarder only to be sent back to another horrible situation. (From the pot into the fire). After 25 arrests by Gestapo Napa Police "Lieutenant" Peecook, I ran from California to Siberia, Oregon, only to be in another horrible situation. She managed to use her long outstretched arm to cause more injuries.

Do you feel like the government is waiting for you to die so that they can "collect all the old people" and send them to an old age home because you are falling burden to them?

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